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Creating a Sanctuary

Karen Fiddes, March 2016


"Imagine being able to create the ultimate retreat


Somewhere your mind body and soul escapes the reality of stress and chaos. We all at some point absolutely need this, we often think of it as a vacation. Suppose you can have that feeling of rejuvenation everyday. You can definitely achieve this in your home. Creating a space that can be your daily destination to relaxation, an oasis … tailored to fit and fashion you… its not far-fetched. We spend about 90% of our lives indoors, yes!!! It is an accurate census. Keeping this perspective, wouldn’t you agree that your home should be a definitive welcome to end each day. How can you accomplish this? There are several steps in attaining this factor. You must first decide with a sense of purpose, the intention for your home. Possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming, be patient with the process so that ultimately your retreat reflects who you are and what matters most to you. Some of us are ok with a “DIY”

approach whereas others prefer to have a professional designer or decorator, relieve some of the stress; each an entirely different experience, which is mainly influenced by the design elements, budget and timeline. Whichever method preferred it is definitely a worthwhile journey. Incorporating a unique style in the décor tells a story of your character … connect, organize, maximize create and authenticate.


Shape your Escape… Function, Style, Purpose, Quality
Karen Fiddes, Vision Accomplished Events & Design Inc.
March 2016


Design Your Day

Karen Fiddes, March 2016


"Planning an important event can be very overwhelming”


The BIG DAY’ your wedding day; perhaps being one of the most extravagant events you may host in your life; Individually we envision a different perspective on the grandeur as well as traditional values; which plays a part in determining the Style. Planning entails … endless details, deadlines, decisions and more decisions… not to mention the drama, yes that’s right… The inevitable family drama The Planner hiring a professional is definitely a sure way of maintaining a handle on unwarranted stress and alleviating the insanity. Your planner will act as your insider & guide to almost everything, essentially providing expert advice and a sense of security. Your Planner will become your ‘go to guru’. A successful Planner will have an extensive network of vendors, with whom they’ve established solid relationships, allowing them the edge of negotiation, which you would not be able to acquire on your own.


Your Planner will coordinate and layout the entire process, assisting you with what to do when, fine tuning all the details, ultimately executing your plan. You can start by simply discovering your Style …typically most Brides to be’ have an embedded image of what they envision their special day to be, making this a fun and exciting part of the process. Style ideas vastly range today and can be anything really. Here are some Style ideas …Grand, Formal, Elegant, Vintage, Rustic, Victorian, Classic, Festive/Seasonal, Casual, Offbeat, Modern, Beach, Vineyard etc. Fundamentally you can Design your Day however your heart desires. Here are some resourceful tips to inspire your Vision:


1. Focus on what’s most important first – Visualize the grand scheme, this will help you identify your style & Vibe you want for your day.


2. Define the formality – This affects your BUDGET. Your budget is one of the first things you must agree on. Formality impacts the overall experience such as the guest list, venue, menu, décor, entertainment etc.


3. Let the Season work for you – which time of year you love most. It will definitely influence the decision of food, décor,

flowers, and especially your dress. The sentiments of the season will also impassion your personalized finishes.


4. Trust your Instincts – you will be inundated with a never- ending resource of ideas and inspirations, don’t allow that to alter the entire direction of your personality and sense of style.


Most of all remember this is your day and will be all about you.
Karen Fiddes, Vision Accomplished Events & Design Inc.
March 2016

Feel and Love your Space

Karen Fiddes, March 2016


"What sparks your interest?


Many times it is the source of what we envision or dream about, which motivates our actions to do or accomplish what becomes our goals.


I’ve been a lover of houses for as long as I can remember. One of my hobbies is going on long drives in different areas, admiring and looking at homes and properties. Being fascinated by the gorgeous landscapes I could not help but wonder what lies behind those doors. After a while I started to believe that my dream home would be like one of the many that I have seen over the years, particularly the ones that hid behind lush green acreage of trees and iron gates. Then over time that changed; it was the one on the water or the little cottage, with a lovely picturesque little yard but a warm and rustic inside with exposed beams and veined bamboo floors, I can go on, but I’m sure by now you’re getting the picture. I’ve fallen in love with so many; only to realize that HOME is wherever you are…because it’s not a particular space but the one you create that fits your needs. Each of us may have different lives and life styles as well as family units, but the one truth we all share is that the setting and demands of our lives continuously change. Let’s face it; we would all love to be able to have an unlimited budget to do any project we desire; however such is not the case. Reality of life sets in and we must prioritize our needs and work within our limitations.


Transformation of space can hugely impact our outlook on daily living. For some of us a basic formula as Comfortable + Functional = Ideal. What makes your space Ideal? It definitely should not be by lowering your expectations however working with a realistic mindset, goals can be met. I believe that when we create a space inspired by our life style and what we love, that space in turn inspires us.

Karen Fiddes, Vision Accomplished Events & Design Inc.
March 2016

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